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Brass And Snare Duets
Composer/Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Advanced Middle School
Part 1: Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone Treble Clef-Bass Clef and Trombone. Part 2--Snare drum 1. Majestic March--Jensen 2. Ragtime for Two--Jensen 3. Fanfare and Allegro--Jensen 4. Allegro--Jensen These duets were designed for the Middle School snare drummer who would like to play a duet with their friend. Basic technique is at a medium 8th grade level. Some skill on both instruments is needed. There is a nice variety of dynamics and styles in all pieces.


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Sonatina Op. 36, #2,flute-mallet
Composer: Clementi
Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Advanced High School
For Flute and Mallet This work from the Clementi Sonatina Op 36 was first adaptaed by Barb Bruske as a flute duet. Dick Jensen further adapted it for flute and mallet duet. It may be played on any suitable mallet instrument. Marimba might be the best choice. Demands have been kekpt with in reasonable limits and only two stick work is required. It would be suitable for either concert or festival use. Timing is 2:10 with repeats.


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Results 1 - 2 of 2 pieces found. (Page 1 of 1)



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