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Russian Sailor's Dance
Composer: Gliere
Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Medium High School
This setting for four trombones or baritones BC presents the popular Gliere tune in an exciting arrangment without extreme technical difficulties. Careful attention to dynamics and tempos will enhance the performance. Efforts have been made to provide space to breath and strive for better ensemble control. Should be rewarding both concert or festival.


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Two Easy Trombone Quartets
Composers: Richard E. Jensen, Traditional
Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Advanced Middle School
Fiesta and March of the Men of Harlech The "Fiesta" has a Latin feel and the Men of Harlech is the traditional Welsh Air. These two duets wre written to be used by more adanced Middle School groups or early high school quartets. Both are over the two minute MSBOA requirement. No special difficulties are presented but careful attention to details of dynamics and articulations will enhance the performance.


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Results 1 - 2 of 2 pieces found. (Page 1 of 1)



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