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Two Christmas Season Mallet Quartets
Composer: Traditional
Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Medium High School
Bells, xylo, vibes, marimba Changes in instrumentation may be made to fit your group. Only two mallet work is required. Parts may be doubled in octaves if more than 4 instruments are used. There is an optional cut to Coda in the first number in case you wish a shorter version. The music should provide an interesting Holiday work for your ensemble. 1. In Dolce Jubilo--14th centry German 2. Winter Holiday, based on "Jingle Bells"


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Two Scott Joplin Mallet Quintets
Composer/Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: About Our Skill Key

1. Peacherine Rag 2. The Entertainer.  

scored for bells, vibes, xylo and 2 marimbas (can be two people on the same marimba)

 Very playable with no great technical demands. Fun for the players and the audience


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William Tell Overture, Bass Drum Sextet
Composer/Arranger: Richard E. Jensen
Skill Level: Advanced High School
For six bass drums. This number was written for the Arthur Hill Winter line bass drums and provides a neat challenge and a fun an exciting number Careful attention to style, balance and dynamics makes this work very striking. It is written in two groups of three instruments which helps in rehearsing and understanding the piece. Enjoy!


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Results 11 - 13 of 13 pieces found. (Page 2 of 2)

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